dane john


As a Media Director with over 16 years of experience, I possess a range of skills in broadcasting including expertise in multi camera production, live streaming, video and audio editing, photography, graphic and website design.

Directing and Filming

Directing and Filming

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our team came together to hosts, film, and edit a virtual Vacation Bible School for children.

Live Production

Live Production

Over the years, my production team and I have filmed and broadcasted large events featuring amazing gospel ministers.  

Web Design

Web Design

Here are a few websites I have built and designed.


Live Video Production:

Proficient in multi camera directing and video switching.

Video Editing:

Expert in post-production processes for polished and compelling video content.

Videography | Photography:

Adept at capturing visually compelling moments with a keen eye for composition.

Web Design:

Skilled in designing and maintaining visually appealing, user-friendly websites and payment gateway.

Sound Engineering | Sound Editing:

Experienced in managing audio equipment and refining sound elements for multimedia projects.

Live Streaming | Broadcasting | Media Directing:

Competent in setting up and coordinating multimedia elements for live events and VOD.

IT Infrastructure Management:

Proficient in managing servers, IT systems, network infrastructure, and SAN (Storage Area Network) to ensure optimal performance, security, and reliability.